Group Payment

Wavesweepers makes booking your group easy for everyone.


When you make a group booking with Wavesweepers you really only have two things to do.

Book a package for your group.

Add the names and email address of all the people you wish to invite,then sit back and let us do everything else for you.

What our booking system will do for you?

We will create a Group Account for your booking and send you access so you can invite your friends and monitor the booking status of your group.
We will send out your individual invitations with your group account login details to each of your invites. Your invitees can then login to view details of the group’s booking and see who has been invited, going and not going so you don’t have to contact everyone to keep them updated.
Your Group Account will automatically sends out reminder messages to your invitees
reminding them to make payments in time so you do not have to worry abouth chasing after anyone.
Your Group Account allows all of your invitees to easily pay for their share of the
activity/accommodation online at any time and anywhere they have a connection.
Your Group Account can also help you organise your bedroom allocations should you need to with an integrated room list generator.


When you are invited to join a group booking at Wavesweepers you really only have one thing to do.

Login to your group account and view the package(s) that has been booked by the group organiser. Choose the package you wish to go on and make payment via our secure payment system.
Once you have decided on the package and paid you will receive confirmation of your payment by email and your
group will see you have joined on your group account. That’s all there is to it.

You will not have to arrange to hand over your money to a group organiser or make a visit to the blank
You do not have to worry about forgetting the date to pay your deposit and final payment as you will received important reminders about your booking to keep you updated.
You will know who is invited and has decided to attend. The group system can allows invitees to see who is going to a group event if this option is selected by the Organiser.

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